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I Am My Beloveds

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Today the Lord spoke this verse to my heart as Joe helped me shave the remains of my hair, as it fell like snow around me, among my tears. With each swipe of the shaver, I thought back of all the nearly 50 years we have spent together fighting the world, fighting the situation of a handicapped child and wasted years of fighting each other. I thought about our wedding and how deeply we were in love with all our dreams, hopes of a family and the passion of youth.

Our love has come full circle now. In between we struggled together with 2 businesses, built 3 houses, ran a farm and had 6 children. More hair fell...and the tears still rolled.....and he held me and said we would get through this too and I would always be beautiful to him, long hair or bald. Where did life go? How fast our children grew and left. It is all a blur now. No longer young and beautiful, just old and seasoned and struggling against the winds of the aged, but I am still my beloved and my beloved is still mine.

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