Early Spay & Neutering Facts

By Karen DeAngelo
Updated 3/2018- Originally written 2003
I have had hundreds of Shih-Tzu altered at 7 weeks of age for years with NOT ONE bad effect.
This is BREED Specific.
Is EXACTLY What I have been saying and doing for YEARS with NO LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS.

Pediatric spay/neuter is endorsed by the following national organizations
so please don't write me with OLD information.
We have PROVEN that early spay and neuter is SAFE in Shih-Tzu.

AHA American Animal Hospital Association
ACA Alley Cat Allies
AHA American Humane Association
American Kennel Club
ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Since 1972
AVAR Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association - July 93 Resolution in support
CFHS - Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
CFA Cat Fanciers Association
FoA Friends of Animals
HSUS Humane Society of the United States
ISAR International Society for Animal Rights
MSPCA Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
NACA National Animal Control Association
NHES National Humane Education Society
SOS Save Our Strays
* Many state and local veterinary associations including California Veterinary Medical Association and California Animal Control Director's Association, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, and an increasing number of local animal shelters nationwide as well as Cornell University and UC-Davis.
* Bob Christiansen of Save Our Strays estimates only 5% of vets nationally perform early-age spay/neuters and was startled to find that many animal shelters with public spay/neuter clinics are not even practicing early age spay/neuters for the public. - USA Tour Summary, December 2000 (article no longer online.)
* The Southern Oregon Humane Society in Medford, Oregon began practicing prepubertal sterilization in 1975

From: "Kat Burns" <Kat@AmericanHumane.org>
Cc: "Joan Casey" <joanc@americanhumane.org>
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 11:04 AM
Subject: Early Spay/ Neuter 

 Thank you for contacting American Humane. American Humane fully supports   early (prepubescent) spay/neuter. You can read our complete policy   statement on this issue on our website: http://www.americanhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=wh_where_stand_apsps_ prepubescent_neuter

  There was an in-depth article in the Journal of the American Veterinary edical Association (JAVMA), Vol 224, No 3, page 372-9, February 2004 that evaluated the long term risks and benefits of early-age neutering among cats. The conclusion was that there was no association of increased rates of death, medical, or behavioral conditions due to early age neutering. A similar article studied dogs. (JAVMA Vol 211, No 2, page 180-2, July 1997)    American Humane produces a book and video "The Case for Early Neutering: a   tool for companion animal population control" which is available to your   veterinarian. Through a generous grant, we are able to provide one copy of   the book and video to your veterinarian for only the cost of shipping. The   book covers many of the behavioral concerns as well as surgical and   anesthetic considerations.  I would encourage you to speak to your veterinarian regarding these JAVMA studies and the American Humane publication. If he would like to order a copy of the book and video, please have him call our offices toll free   1-866-242-1877.   
Best Wishes, Kat Burns
  Manager, Donor & Member Services
  American Humane
  63 Inverness Drive East
  Englewood, CO 80112
  www.americanhumane.org    kat@americanhumane.org
  1-866-242-1877   303-925-9470 direct


Leave it to one of my clients to SAY IT ALL...

From: carolchristopher

Date: 12/30/05 16:19:41

To: KarenDeAngelo@activatormail.com

Subject: Karen there is an EXCELLENT article in Dog Fancy


I was reading my current issue of Dog Fancy for Feb 06 and saw an article about early spay/neutering.


Here is the link to the Feb Magazine: http://www.dogchannel.com/dog/magazines/dogfancy/toc_df200602.aspx


I wish I could copy it for you but I will type it out for you but it just shows the articles in the Feb issue. The spay and neuter article is really great and a few pages long.


It says and I quote" Not many years ago, veterinarians advised dog owners to wait until their dogs where at least 6 months old before spaying or neutering. With the advent of more sophisticated anesthesia and surgical techniques, that age recommendations has decreased to 4 months or less.

   Spaying or Neutering dogs less then 8 weeks of age are particularly popular with animal shelters because it prevents future unwanted puppies. Dog spayed or neutered at a very YOUNG AGE BLEED LESS, EXPERIENCE LESS PAIN and RECOVER from surgery MORE QUICKLY than older dogs"


Phewww that was a lot of typing lol whenever you get a chance read that article.  I haven't read it yet but I saw it and thought of you and to H*LL with those people who are AGAINST early spay and neuters! Dog Fancy said it is a GREAT procedure when done early. I just wanted to pass that along to you Karen. You KEEP UP the GREAT work and do what you do best is take care of the babies that GOD HAS given you! GOD DON'T make mistakes and he gave you a business for a reason.


Carol and Kids


Early Neutered males NEVER have "Male HABITS"!
We have altered over 500 pups and NEVER
have had a complaint of ANY kind. It is the 2011 way to go! 
Humane Society has been neutering pups for over 30 years! 
 Don't buy into the wives tale that there is urinary problems later on. 
LOTS of issues causes incontinence, NOT neutering!
I have RECORDS to PROVE my findings.

I have seen MANY females who were spayed after 6 months get bladder infections and 
become incontinent while infected. I have NEVER had a compliant of incontinence in small pups who 
were spayed YOUNG. It is EASY and NO RECOVERY time. I have seen dogs DIE at 6 months from surgery.



I have been neutering for years at  2+ Lbs 
(pups can be safely put to sleep at 2 lbs)
and spaying for 25 years with NOT ONE LOSS!
NO long term effects and WE HAVE THE RECORDS TO PROVE IT!
Think of how this will SAVE YOU the aggravation
of this surgery AND how much better it is on the dog!  
My vet specializes in this puppy surgery.
Early Spay and Neuter has been done on puppies by the Humane Society for 30 YEARS!!
Please see this webpage for 
Here is a picture of the operative site 16 hours after umbilical and spay surgery:









To reduce the overpopulation problem in companion animals, the American Animal Hospital Association supports neutering of cats and dogs as early as eight to 16 weeks of age. 


Health Benefits of  Spaying and Neutering
Confirms early Castration is best!

updated 12/121/04
Available is the fact that you can render an animal sterile as young as 7 weeks of age. The American Veterinary Association has determined (after many years of study) that this young age is ideal because the animal has less bleeding and heals faster. It’s amazing to me that very few vets even mention this to you.

Click Photo to super impose size so you can see this pup 16 hours postop of a neutered 7 week old pup.
Do you know that NEUTERED MALE shih-tzu are MORE LOVING than females?
Our neutered males DO NOT MARK TERRITORY,
Have ZERO incidence of prostrate cancer,
They are easier to housebreak than females.
This is why we neuter at 7 weeks.
We are a modern knowledgeable breeder with a excellent vet
who knows early neutering/spaying is the endorsed recommendation
of all major animal concern organizations!
It is fast, simple, inexpensive and  NO SIDE EFFECTS
when done early!
WE take the risk...not you!
Many a dog has died under anesthesia at 
6 months of age during procedures, it is reported to me.
So why would you want to take the chance later?
Our MALE price INCLUDES the neutering.
Neutered males no longer feel the need to roam to look for a mate. The result is that they stay home and have less chance of being involved in traumatic accidents such as being hit by a car. They also have a much lower incidence of contracting contagious diseases, and get into fewer fights.  In males, neutering decreases the chances of developing prostatic disease and hernias, and eliminates the chances of developing testicular cancer.  It also reduces problems with territorial and sexual aggression, inappropriate urination (spraying) and other undesirable male behaviors.

Lets Discuss "The Men"

If you have males neutered young, they don't mark territory (lift their leg to urinate on inappropriate objects). We have them neutered BEFORE you get them.  Now think about this...NO inconvenience OR risk to YOU to have this done at a later date! Does ANY other breeder offer you this? Statistics show NO harm to young dogs who are neutered at 6 weeks. This is a simple procedure by a skilled vet. I KNOW...I watch them do it. The HUMANE SOCIETY is suggesting neutering for ALL males sold in pet shops...THAT'S how safe this is! Our males are less expensive than females because of the MYTH that males are "rude". Not so with a trained neutered male. Our males do fabulous in Therapy Programs.

And the Females…

In Females, spaying decreases the incidence of breast cancer (the rate goes down to almost zero if the spaying is done before the first heat cycle!). It eliminates the chance of developing a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus experienced by many mature unspayed animals (pyometra). Spay surgery also eliminates the heat cycle and associated mood swings and undesirable behaviors, messy spotting (in dogs) and the attraction of all available males to your yard.  Recent studies show that very young spayed females have less bladder infections after being spayed and less submissive urination. The simple fact is that spaying and neutering greatly increases the lifespan of your pet and increases quality of life as well!

                           Here is a letter I received. Pyometa is another REAL THREAT to your dog...
Hi Karen,

Even with all my research on the internet and magazines, something horrible happened to my baby, and I have been spreading the word to everyone I know who has dogs. She's ok now, and you're probably going to think I'm silly for mentioning this to you, but it caught me off guard and I don't want it to happen to prospective buyers you may have. I had decided not to have her spayed, because I wanted to wait till she was older and have 1 litter of puppies, then have her spayed. I didn't want to continue to breed her, just get 1 litter. (because I'm selfish and wanted to see her babies, hehe, I guess all 'parents' want to see grandchildren at one point or another don't they) Anyway, during her first heat cycle she developed Pyometra! I had never heard of it!! It was horrible, I thought she was going to die! I thought I had read about/heard about everything that coule possibly happen, and when my vet said Pyometra, I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought researching for over a year had given me the knowledge to be a responsible dog owner, and it terrified me to think I'd let something like that had eluded me. I even read a lot of medical web pages, and message boards...

Anyway... I just finished reading your site (again) and I'd like to make the request that you add something about the risk of Pyometra in there, where you talk about getting females spayed. I know it's not something that happens that often, but for the people like me who think they're informed.. they just may not be as informed as they think they are!


A Note From Karen…

If you don't neuter your male and you breed him one time, he will lift his leg in your house. This is a normal sexual behavior! Don’t blame the dog if you don't neuter him young! You will not be able to "break" this normal behavior in a stud! That is why we professional breeders build kennels...to let our studs be studs.... and still keep our home clean.

Vets who discourage early neutering are either not up with the times or are looking to make some money off you!!!  I make no money whatsoever by having it done here. I will not guarantee a dog during a neutering or spay procedure at your location. I have heard of too many dying needlessly!! That is why I handle the surgery.
    Most text from Valley Oak SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

 Early Spaying
I Personally Observed
 I observed many spay operation done on my pups at 7 weeks old.  
This is what I see:
The pup was put to sleep with a shot under the skin.
 A tranquilizing drug is used that is fast acting and 
does not last long. I have observed  this operation many many times over the past year, with NO ill effects on the pups.
There one tiny incision made on the side of the groin. The Ovaries and uterine horns were removed through this tiny incision with a forceps, tied off and 
1 tiny stitch was put in the incision. The dog was awake shortly thereafter.  2 hours later the dog eats as usual and I could barely see where the incisions were made.  The stitch can come out in 3 days.  This operation was so easy on the dog, that I believe it is cruel to wait until 6 months of age, when a huge incision needs to be made and a weeks recovery.
WE cannot spay pups unless they are over 2 lbs.
  We will ship 4 days after it is done, or when we deem appropriate.

This is a disease of the uterus that fills with pus during a pregnancy.
This can result in death for the mother as well as aborted fetuses around the 5th week of pregnancy.
This is very common.

Date: 01/24/06 18:19:03
Subject: Thank-you

Hi Karen,Just thought I'd write you a short note and say thank-you for all the advice and help you've given me over the last few years. With your help and wealth of information my vet has agreed to early spay neuter. This such a blessing to me as you know people are sometimes not as honest as they could be and holding AKC papers does not guarantee they will fix their pet.Being a responsible breeder I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that none of my puppies end up in puppy mills or have unwanted puppies in shelters....eww just the thought sends shivers up my spine. Just so you know the humane society here and another vet in the area also offer early spay neuter. Thank-you again
Sincerely, Gwen Seiber  
Fern Gully Shih-tzu






This site directs you to these:
Link's to Early Spay/Neuter Articles

*PEDIATRIC SPAYING & NEUTERING by James Snyder, DVM; Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenology (Veterinary Reproduction)


*University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine


*College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Illinois, From the Spring 1998 Illinois Veterinary Bulletin- Early Spay/Neuter: An Overview


Colorado State University- Early Sterilization in Dogs and Cats


Pediatric or Early Spay/Neuter by Dr Tracy Land




Animal Health Articles -Researched and written by Virginia Lawrence, Ph.D.


Professional Information on the Benefits of Early Spay/Neuter


Spaying and Neutering- Dr. Sol Perl


Early sterilization surgery


The Pro's and Con's of early Spay & Neuter


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Leesburg Today Newspaper- Ask The Experts, Early-age spaying/neutering


PetsMart.com- The Myths and Facts of Spaying and Neutering


Early Spay and Neuter Surgery-My Experiences. by Lynne Thomas -- Shaineh Cattery




Humane Society and SPCA articles:



Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions


Animal Rescue of Tidewater


Humane Society of Greenwood


Silicon Valley Animal Rescue


Elmsford Animal Shelter




I have a rescued Shih Tzu that came here pregnant and is about to deliver any day.  I found your site by looking online for information about whelping and baby Tzus to better prepare myself for what is about to come.


I want to say how refreshing it is to see a breeder commenting on the same horrors we comment on daily.  I wish more wannabe breeders would do their research and breed for the right reasons and not to line their pocket books.  We rescues can't keep up with all of the unwanted dogs now.  I am sure we will see a rash of 15+ lb Tzu's being dumped now because they were supposed to be "Imperial" and they are way bigger than they were supposed to get.  Right now we are trying to keep up with the Labradoodles and Puggles people are dumping...........Lord knows what's next.


Attached is a pic of Lilly.  I don't know why, but her owners bred her, then dumped her in a shelter.  She is one of the most wonderful fosters I have ever had and will likely not be leaving even after her puppies have found homes.  I have never been a Shih Tzu person.  I have always loved my Poos, but I dearly love this dog and have allowed her to adopt me.













Today I received this request on the above letter and I would like to make a statement:

You have a letter from me posted on your website.  I wrote it a couple of months ago when I was looking for help with a rescued Shih Tzu.  You were very kind to me and I very much appreciate your help.


I would like to respectfully request that you please remove that letter from your site.  Someone has apparently taken offense to the fact that I wrote that to you when I am a rescue and you are a breeder.  They have circulated this to Lord knows how many people and I have spent the entire day fielding harassing, rude, and downright mean emails.


I normally would not even ask because I don't think there is anything wrong with what I wrote or who I wrote it to, but the gross amount of emails is honestly keeping me from doing my rescue job.  People have also threatened to put me on DNR lists, and other very nasty things.  I just can't work and continue to rescue if these people do what they are threatening and the dogs will suffer for it.

Located near Warsaw, Missouri
*1 hr 15 min South of I70 and 65 Hwy*
*1 hour 15 min North of Springfield, Missouri*
*2 Hours to Columbia, MO*
*1 hr 45 min from Kansas City to Warsaw, MO*
*3 hr 30 min to St. Louis, MO. Courier Delivery Service
to St. Louis Airport only $70. INCLUDES NICE Crate.*