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Shih-Tzu Puppy Growth and Development
View this page on a tablet of laptop for complete informatiom.


This is how a puppy grows from 3 oz to an adult...Named "HUNY BEAR"

 Born 10/30/2000. 
Pups are born blind and deaf and ugly...
except to the breeder :)
Note: nose is pink and so is muzzle.
*Main concern is warmth and nursing
*Limited interaction with littermates, unless cold, then huddle.
Our whelping pens are very warm and they tend not to huddle at all.
*Pups are blind and deaf, but their smell is good and they find mom through the endorphins she puts off to draw them to the tit.
*All social interactions are care seeking only
*no control of excretion, mom must induce through licking




Eyes open 10-14 days old, but eyes are cloudy and can have weak muscle alignment.
This is when people  worry their puppy
is "goo-goo" eyed. It's not.
Normal vision takes 3-4 weeks.
Ears open 14-17 days.
Nose may start to darken on some babies now,
others later.
Some noses turn brown, which is called "liver".
Some noses have little white spots.
Show breeders dab them with marker to fill them in. 



Play Time!
I play and wag my little tail to my brothers and sisters!
I notice my breeder, but I'm not too thrilled with being handled to much yet.
I have to LEARN to walk and get strong on my little legs. I like to sleep, A LOT!

15-21 Days=Transition Period
Start of Independence
Eyes and Ears Functional
Stands, walks, chews.
Develops adult social behavior patterns-
wags tail, plays with litter mates: bites, chews, paw
Control of elimination processes



Here I am...shy to people.

Ok, you can pick me up without me screaming for Moma now, if I know you.
Milk teeth are coming in. 
Mom may begin to wean, so we have to be sure pup wants solid food!

4-12 Weeks Socialization Period
Acquires almost all of adult sensory, motor and learning abilities
Most dramatic effect on adult behavior
Strong attachment to dam
Distress cry when isolated
from the litter.
Fear response to strange objects and people
Starts eating solids and drinking liquids
Teeth erupt

Week 4 Learns care giving behavior, limited interaction with littermates,
reacts to emotional and social stresses.
* Fear response to strange objects and people until about 6 weeks.
*Pecking Order established 5-7 weeks*Pack behavior begins exploring the environment and decides elimination area outside of sleeping area about 5-6 weeks.
* Puppies are played with by children after 45 days Parvo shot.


**6-8 Weeks of Age
*Maximum capacity for socialization to humans
* MOM weans pups naturally. I have seen moms attack pups left on them after 8 weeks.
THIS is normal. 
*Nervous system reaches adult capacity
*Learns readily: Will paper train at 6 weeks, but not housebreak until 10 weeks
"Bonds to humans. We play radio constantly to get pups used to all kinds of human voices.

I have become a social butterfly in the past 2 weeks.

I run and play and fall often, as my feet go faster than my body!

This is a great time to take me home and get me acquainted with my new family and other pets!



Shih-Tzu Puppy

Huny Bear at his new home, all settled in and ready to potty break with  GOOD results!
       11 week old shih tzu puppy
"THIS is THE Life! I KNEW I was meant for Royalty." 
11 weeks (12 weeks: About 90% of my brain mass is developing and 
I need good food to help be smart. Karen endorses Eukanuba with DHA or Nutrisourse dog food and Nuvet Vitamens).
4 months Get last shot for a year and rabies shot


Shih Tzu

**12 weeks to Maturity
* Our puppies MOLD to their master 8-12 weeks. This is why we feel adamant the pup be placed with you at 8 weeks. You MUST establish YOU are the leader of the pack. YOU MUST discipline and spend 2 solid weeks (10-12 weeks) on housebreaking to be successful. You MUST discipline inappropriate biting on objects and people. CONSTANT discipline is a MUST. Using a rolled up newspaper to swat the dog or next to the dog with a loud wack is a painless deterrent we find very effective for disciplining negative behavior. Dogs  MUST receive training to become socially acceptable in a home environment. Many dogs are dumped in pounds due to the OWNER NOT training the dog and poor breeding practices. Going to a well-known good breeder is the first step to good dog ownership! ​



1 Year OLD


Oct. 2001
1 year Old:
I am beautiful, smart and loving.


Females can have their 1st heat. 
Males are Mr. Love-wanna-be's if not neutered well before now!
Females are usually full grown.
Males not  full grown until a year-18 months old.
Milk teeth are lost and permanent teeth are in.
8 Months I can be expected to "hold" elimination for about
8 hours.
9 months Puppy classes finish.
9-12 months you can switch me to "Adult" food.

​The owner  of  Huny Bear wrote in June 2001: 

"He is absolutely gorgeous Karen.
He has perfect teeth too!!! 
He is even more beautiful in person and remains little. 
He is not growing much now and is just at
10 lbs. 
He may gain a lb or two. He such a clown he has us laughing all the time. Huny has a perfect silky coat. 
Thanks for such a pretty boy, we just love him!
Lynne and Sugar Bear

Age 5


Huny Bear changed to Silver/white.
Many shih-tzu change color!
As dogs get older, Age 6, they loose 2/3 of their fertility. We usually retire them to pet homes at this time.
 Some dogs develop cataracts like some people at various ages. 
They can be removed, but it is expensive.
Arthritis may set in, but glucosamine can help!
Watch the diet, not too much fat! I would put on a Senior Diet Food at age 7.


The oldest Glory Ridge Shih-Tzu on record, lived to be 17+ years with

From Huny's owner 9/1/2016:
Huny will be 16  October 30, 2016. He is out of A. May Zing "Zinger" and Chili Pepper. He has never had any health problems although at his age now he is getting weak in the back legs and has dry eye syndrome. He is still 12 lbs he has been that weight all his life. I don't expect to have him much longer, but he has had a very healthy and happy life and I have enjoyed loving him more than I can say. He will always be my little huny bear. -LM

  3/21/2017 A Sad day as Huny bear
​has passed away and he will forever be 
​in our hearts. 

Notes On Socialization Fear Imprint:

Between 8-11 weeks of age, puppies begin to be more cautious, even fearful of loud noises, sudden movements, strangers and discipline from other dogs or humans. if frightened during this period, it may take weeks to return to normal. In non-socialized puppies, anything associated with fear at this age will be fearful stimuli throughout life without extensive desensitization. and the owner shapes the puppy.

9-12 weeks They start to learn right behavior. If totally separated from littermates the human bond becomes strong

But puppies left with littermates have trouble with separation anxiety and hyperactivity

13-16 The puppy tests independence, dominance, and leadership. Critical learning occurs NOW. Puppies that are allowed to bite, dominate children, resist leash training nail cutting, face trims, and removal of food possessions turn into

a troublesome pet, so don't blame the breeder! Housetraining should be completed by taking the dog out frequently during the day and confining them at night. Dogs don't house train themselves and a bad dog is a result of the owner's neglect to train the dog. Be sure you have the time to do this when you get the puppy so that the next many years of the dogs life are enjoyable for all!

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