Our Dogs In 2021

"Yuko Coco" (7lbs)
Chocolate female
"Sunny" (10 lbs)
Sunny's sweet babies
NEW "Bella"  8 lbs
Imperial black/white female
"Ella" (10 lbs)
Standard Black and White.
"Coco" (8 lbs)
Cream Liver Female
Silver Blue Female
"Annie" (8 lbs)
Red and White Female
Pebbles (7lbs)
Stud "Cane"
Stud Shih-Tzu
Stud "Toto" (5lbs)
Glory Ridge Total Package
Mr. Tuttle
2020 Stud in Gold and white and wonderful personality!
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Bred to Cane Due Feb. 

Bred to Cane. Due late Jan

Bred to Toto. Due mid Feb

Bred to Cane Due Feb. 2021

Bred to Cane Due Feb. 2021

Bred to Cane. Pups Born 1/24

For Sale. Inquire. Age 5

Located near Warsaw, Missouri
*1 hr 15 min South of I70 and 65 Hwy*
*1 hour 15 min North of Springfield, Missouri*
*2 Hours to Columbia, MO*
*1 hr 45 min from Kansas City to Warsaw, MO*
*3 hr 30 min to St. Louis, MO. Courier Delivery Service
to St. Louis Airport only $60. INCLUDES NICE Crate.*