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Breeder:Karen DeAngelo

 I have been raising Shih-Tzu since 1986 when a neighbor Shih-Tzu breeder mentored me. Glory Ridge has a multitude of Nationwide references, our vets, and groomer (who comes to the kennel).
I strive to embody excellence, integrity, and honesty in everything we do and provide. I answer to the Lord Jesus Christ for my actions. I am not perfect, just forgiven, but our motive in our home and businesses is to please Christ. I pray my customers in and follow my heart who gets my puppies. I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time I am not comfortable with placement. You interview ME, while I interview YOU.  I enjoy speaking to my customers and guiding you in an important decision if my Shih-Tzu will suit your needs of love and companionship.  Our Shih-Tzu "mold" to their master, so I am sure one will "fit" your lifestyle if not left alone all day. They do well in pairs if they are home alone a lot. They love other animals, too. They are non-allergic and love children to Seniors as long as love is involved.
 We hope to be privileged to provide you with your next companion and trust me as your Shih-Tzu breeder.
                                   Pawsitively, Karen 


Our Kennel Inside and Out

Joe and I have been married since 1975 and have 6 children together and 18 grandchildren (so far).

 We're located at beautiful Truman Lake area near Warsaw, Missouri. 
Joe and I built our home ourselves and it took 6 years on weekends! We are formerly from Richmond, Mo where we lived 35 years.

Glory Ridge Shih-Tzu Kennel

All our dogs are AKC registered and our kennel 
is built to USDA Specifications,
however we are a Missouri Registered Hobby-Show Kennel and not a USDA Kennel


Many people are curious about our kennel. This is the inside. The dogs have the freedom to go out a doggie door to concrete runs. The pens up top are for moms and babies. We keep it around 70* year round . The air is purified and fresh air is brought in and air is exhausted out. Every thing is waterproof so it can be hosed out into floor drains.We have an automatic Water system so that drinking water is always fresh There is a sink with hot and cold water to wash dogs and hands.

We do not allow anyone in this area for disease control.

Our stainless steel whelping pen area. Each pen is 5ft long.

816 529-2413

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