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The Day I Said "Good bye"

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

January 8th, 2021

January 8th,2020 is the day my two friends died. They helped me identify being a women, feel feminine, bring comfort to my 6 nursed babies, make my husband secure in our love. But suddenly they tried to kill me. We had to make a decision to eliminate them before they did kill me. In the pre-op waiting room, right before they took me to kill my friends, turned enemies, my adult daughters told their father they would step out of the room so we could be alone and say "goodbye" to friends (who nourished our love, fed our babies and brought closeness in our old age). Joe declined and told them he just wanted me to live and didn't care to kiss them goodbye. Our love grew stronger since they left. We dove into each others heart with a newfound respect and appreciation. We no longer take life for granted. We are blessed everyday. Yes, our health is failing in our old age but there is a newfound love and wisdom in the Senior years that draws us closer to God. There should be no harshness between couples who depend on each other for support and comfort. I was "Miss Independent Minded" before this and the Lord showed me AGAIN, WHO I should be dependent on (HIM) and how I needed to release my pride and bask in being still and knowing that He is in control for my best spiritual growth. Now the next test is here with what is about to happen to our country. ALWAYS KNOW that God is in control of leaders appointments and His will was apparently NOT our will for Trump to remain President. Christians prayed and fasted hard for the enemy to fail in their attempt to totally destroy the President and they are still at it. The rain falls on the JUST and the UNJUST and we ALL get wet until God's plan is finished to get people to REPENT and turn to Christ for forgiveness and eternal life in a place far better than this world. ---Karen

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