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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Evening Shade Children's Home

God is answering my EVERY prayer DAILY! I wish I had a photo of that NP's face when she examined me only 6 days after the first chemo blast and that HUGE tumor of 3 was now 1 and she couldn't find #4! The tumor is shrinking daily like a leaking balloon! GOD is taking that tumor and will shake it to its core! Satan is attacking due to that Uganda project. The minister there needs prayer too as he suffers malaria and arthritis bad and is attacked. He has started 4 churches, a Bible school equipping ministers to spread out and the orphanage of over 30 children from the streets! We have provided much for that project in Bibles, a cow, addition to pastors house for many orphans, food, mattresses, bike repair, medical attention money and more! For me to see the orphanage in Uganda going up while I am weak is SUCH a blessing. We are trying to raise $4000 for bricks to build a huge compound for the orphanage and school. We already bought the land (4 acres!) . I say "we"-Evening Shade Church body". SO many exciting things to share with you! Praise GOD! God sent me Sheila and she is a BIG help to me. I feel so blessed as she knows my kennel business inside and out and I am freed up not to worry what is happening out there! Before this cancer diagnosis, my healing faith for myself was weak after praying all those years for Christina and seeing her not healed. I see now that you can pray all you want and believe all you will but if God's plan is bigger and it is of His total will, you will not change it. For me, I see this as a total satanic attack on me since I prayed on my 63rd Birthday, May 9th for a "mission" before I die. God then gave me a passion to be a distant financial aid to Wandati. I will be well and the mission in Uganda will be what God has it to be. PRAISE GOD from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow. I prayed to be cured of Lyme and herxed the first week. I pray and it's answered fast. I see it DAILY. Be encouraged! HE IS ALIVE AND WORKING FAST FOR HIS KINGDOM WARRIORS to spread His Gospel! I am an ordinary person with a heart for the Lord. YOU CAN BE TOO! Just TRUST HIM to be the source of your strength! I shall go out with JOY and be lead forth in peace!

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