Top Quality AKC Shih-Tzu

   We only breed Shih-Tzu and only breed the BEST dogs for

HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT for companion 
animals as Pets and Therapy Dogs.


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    Glory Ridge is known nationwide for honesty and quality shih-tzu  for many years!  We beleive in customer service for the
lifetime of your shih-tzu who may live to 18 years old.  We don't just sell you a puppy and say "goodbye". Our goal is to match you with a puppy that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  Our shih-tzu mold to their master.  When you mix nature and  knowledge with dreams, you get a specially designed dog! Glory Ridge produces intelligent, loveable little dogs that don't shed and are tolerated well by people with allergies. They  make great pets and therapy dogs, especially  our neutered males who always want to be petted and loved. They require little housespace and eat very little high quality dog food.  Our shih-tzu are great with small children (again I prefer more tolerant males for little children) and Senior Citizens They are often used in therapy programs to help people find love and happiness!  This is my life's work, not just a hobby. 
Pawsitively, Karen DeAngelo