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Glory Ridge Shih-Tzu

For those who want more then "Just a dog".
Glory Ridge Shih Tzu
  1. Excellent Pets!
    Excellent Pets!
    Glory Ridge Shih Tzu produces pet and therapy dogs. Our puppies are low allergy, virtually shed less. Guaranteed for Health and temperament!
  1. Known Nationwide
    Known Nationwide
    Being a part of the community is important. It provides owners with a sense of joy, support, and understanding. We invite you to join us in our Face Book page and meet others who have loved our dogs for years! We also show 30 years of our dogs on Pinterest!
  1. Our Puppies
    Our Puppies
    Our puppies are produced from THE BEST AKC shih-tzu. We are a small breeder for QUALITY homes. See our NURSERY link above for available puppies. We produce almost every color in small and standard size.
  Our puppies come to you with dew claws removed. All hernias and pinched nostrils are repaired before delivery if necessary. All puppies receive thorough medical exam. Our pups are wormed, shots current and coccidia prevention rx given. All our pups are microchipped. Full AKC Registration is availabel to select Breeders. 
 Feel free to call anytime. prices vary according to puppy. 
Prices start at $1000. 
We have a payment plan with Pay Pal.

Past and Present
  We have created a dynamic Pinterest page of our dogs over the past 30 years of breeding. You can go there and see over 200 pictures of our dogs. Tell us what you like and we can match you at birth with a new puppy!
If you want to interact with other Glory Ridge Owners and keepup with the adventures of Glory Ridge, you can go to our Face Book page.  
Have FUN and enjoy our sites.  Click on link
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Join our email list for available babies! 

Pay Pal $25 to IF you want a puppy that is coming Jan-Feb-March.
There will be no other pups coming until further notice after March 2016.
This $25. is applied to puppy purchase.  I DO NOT contact people who do not pay the $25. 
There are just far to many request for window shoppers. TY. 

Standard AKC Puppies are $1000/neutered males , spayed females $1100.
Imperials are $1250 and $1500. as are solid reds. 

We will sell puppies not altered if you want for less, BUT NO PAPERS ARE GIVEN.
Intact puppies with Full AKC  Papers are  $1500. UP

I suggest you look at our Pinterest page so I will know how to match you up
with what you like best. 
Pawsitively, Karen
816 529-2413

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