Our Dogs In 2020

NEW "YukoCoco" (7lbs)
Chocolate female
"Sunny" (10 lbs)
Sunny's sweet babies
NEW "Bella"  8 lbs
Imperial black/white female
"Ella" (10 lbs)
Standard Black and White.
"Coco" (8 lbs)
Cream Liver Female
"Pee Wee" (6 lbs)
Imperial Red/white Female
"Annie" (8 lbs)
Red and White Female
Pebbles (7lbs)
Stud "Toto" (5lbs)
Glory Ridge Total Package
Stud "Tango" 7 lbs
Tango throws Imperials.
Bella and BamBam are his kids.
Mr. Tuttle
Late 2020 Stud in Gold and white.
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"Annie" (8 lbs)

Red and White Female